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Your Midlife Love Coach







Let's work together to explore ways to get back into the dating scene or improve your current relationship. I'll be your Cyrano and sideline coach, an impartial listener and adviser, lending an ear to your current questions about sex and coupling. 

I've found the best path to good sex and loving better is one of inquiry, curiosity and conversation. I'll ask you the kind of questions that will get to the root of what works best for you. I believe understanding yourself will serve you best. Being guided will make it more fun and less fraught. And hopefully I will make you laugh even when you feel hopeless!

What are my qualifications? I'm like your tennis instructor, the one who has put in the hours and had good days and bad. I've spent the past five years happily and unhappily lobbing balls over the nets of new encounters; experimenting with a variety of sex and relationship styles (both monogamous and open); loving big, getting hurt, dusting myself off and moving on. It always gets better...with the right attitude. 


I've also been writing about my dating life (and the science of sex) for 'Erotic Review Magazine' since 2015. Before that, I practiced medicine for 18 years as a Physician Assistant where I learned that active listening, and reflecting back, was the nudge people needed to create change and progress in their own lives. 

From dating apps to sexual health, good flirting to generous loving, I'll give you things to think about and challenge you to take risks for love and pleasure. For without risk, there is no reward. “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

How it works: Send an email to mskarinjones@gmail.com to set up a free 10 minute phone consultation. If you'd like to continue working with me, we'll schedule our next call and take it from there. The cost is $100/hour, payable through Venmo or Paypal.